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ECWR's Permits and Restrictions

We must follow many legal requirements. Therefore, when unique situations arise where we are legally unable to help, we can direct concerned citizens to other organizations. However, ECWR does not endorse or is endorsed by any of the following organizational recommendations. 


Must be a Native Florida Species

As a Florida wildlife refuge, our goal is to help aid native Florida species. The thought behind this is to help population statistics, and balance ecosystem niches. This does include migratory bird species. 

We can not accept bears, alligators, or bald eagles. 

Must have orginiated within Florida State Lines

While the person finding the animal could be from out of Florida (i.e. tourism), the animal itself must be found living within Florida state lines. We are unable to accept animals outside of Florida, no matter the distance, including Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia. 

Black and White Kitten

Can not be an exotic, domesticated, game, or livestock species

We are unable to accept exotic pet species (ferrets, parrots, etc.), domesticated species (cats, dogs, rabbits, etc.), or avian game species (turkeys). 

Domestic dogs and cats...

Domestic and feral cats...

Game, livestock, wildlife and domesticated species...

Can not be a nuisance animal

We do not respond to nuisance animals (i.e. raccoons in attics, squirrels in rooms, etc.).

Please be aware that many nusiance wildlife companies charge for removal. 

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