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Private Events

Field Trips, Private Tours, Birthday Parties, & More!


Planning Your Field Trip: What You Need to Know

Reservations are required! Field trip programs are available Monday-Friday throughout the year, availability permitting. Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance. Submit your reservation request using the "Book Now" button below. Please note: the minimum number of people required to meet the threshold for a field trip is 15 people. If your group has less than 15 people, please view the Private Tour tab for more details.

Field Trip Pricing:

Adults & Children (3-17): $9 per Person

Children 2 or Younger: Free

Please communicate with the staff member booking your field trip if the chaperones for your trip will be included in your total invoice or if they will be paying separately. If they are paying separately, please inform your chaperones to arrive 10 minutes early to pay inside our gift shop on the day of your field trip.


Field Trip Programs & Stations

If you are booking a field trip in Spring 2024, your field trip will consist of a tour of ECWR's ambassador animals (meet them in the Meet the Team tab!) where you will learn about each ambassador's species, their background, and bigger picture ideas such as rehabilitation, conservation, coexistence, keystone species, and native species. Students will also get the chance to learn about wildlife rehabilitation, and our Marine Animal Stranding Team! 

*Coming Soon!* ECWR is excited to announce new field trip programs launching in Fall 2024 that are focused on supporting Florida State Curriculum Standards!


When they are ready to go, you will be able to view the offered stations and their related standards, separated by grade level, by clicking on the "Field Trip Stations" button below. If your group is made up of students in multiple grade levels, please select the stations you believe most closely align with the age of majority of your students. If you need any assistance in your selection, or if you have any questions, please contact ECWR's educator, Emma, by emailing

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