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Marine Mammal Stranding Team Volunteers

If you are interested in assisting in marine mammal stranding, necropsies, education, outreach and more, let us know!


  • 18 years or older

  • Able to stand, sit, and walk for more than 30 min

  • Able to safely lift 50 lbs

  • Able to be available for any on call stranding

  • Willing to participate in carcass recovery

  • Willing to participate in marine mammal necropsies

  • Willing to wear an ECWR logo shirt for responses

  • Able to contribute a minimum of 4 hours/month

For safety reasons we cannot accept volunteers who are pregnant, those with compromised immune systems, or physical limitations as stranding responders. However, we ALWAYS need help with other Marine Mammal projects and public outreach initiatives!

What to prepare for as part of our MMSP

ECWR has multiple departments: Wildlife/Animal Care, Education,

Habitats & Maintenance, & the Marine Mammal Stranding Program (MMSP).

Each has its own unique rules, scheduling, and requirements from both staff and volunteers.

You are able be a MMSP volunteer and not be an animal care volunteer,

be an animal care volunteer and not be a MMSP volunteer, or you can be both!


Long hours (6+) in the sun,

possibly in direct rays.

Long hours (6+) in standing

or kneeling postions.

Be prepared for a call or text at any time for a stranding event. This does not mean needing to be available each time, but we do ask for equal involvement to be part of the team.

Be prepared for strong, foul odors, unpleasant sights, and general "grossness" involved in the recovery of marine animals in various states of decomposition.

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