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Ambassador Animals

Educating Everyone Everyday

Our Ambassador Animals are given not only physical necessities at ECWR, but also a whole lot of love. Ambassador Animals are educational residents that have been deemed non-releasable due to a variety factors, from confiscation/illegal ownership, being a non-native species, habituation to humans, or their specific injuries and behaviors after rehabilitation to name a few. Regardless, they teach us the importance of keeping the wild, wild. 


How do we get Animal Ambassadors?

  1. Imprinted upon humans, and therefore would not survive on their own in the wild. This includes being a prior (legal or illegal) pet. 

  2. Past rehabilitation patients from any facility, that were fully recoverable, but still have an injury that would hinder their ability to hunt, seek shelter, or survive in the wild.

  3. From another rehabilitation facility that may be unable to provide time or financial capabilities of their own at that time.

  4. From collaborations with law enforcement and wildlife management agencies to provide a home for a non-native or invasive species to Florida. 

Meet our Ambassador Animals

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