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Field Trips and Group Tours

Looking for something different for your next field trip or birthday? Visit Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge!

Field Trips

For any class and any school group, allow ECWR to help teach about ecology, biodiversity, species identification and more!

Field trip price is $7 per person or child visiting facility, including parents or siblings outside of school. The field trip experience is much more detailed with verbal lessons, special Animal Ambassador visits, and more detailed information than that of a standard visit during open-to-the-public hours.  

Field trips may be scheduled almost any day of the week, depending on the availability of our staff and volunteers.

Click here for a field trip ("Event") request form.


Group Visits

ECWR is educational for all visitors, from children, to adults. Our tours or stations are all flexible and customizable to each unique group visit. If you're looking for the next activity for your local club, look no further!

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