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Our Amazon Wishlist allows for us to combine all the needs of ECWR, from medicinal animal care, education, and our marine mammal stranding program, into one specific place for the public to choose what they would like to donate. These lists are updated regularly by our staff and may vary seasonally, but many items are needed year-round.

Animal Ambassadors & Education
Center Needs

These are items that provide for the public portion of our facility, and includes operational items like hardware, organizational tools, and items for enrichment or maintenance of our Animal Ambassadors.

Marine Mammal Rescue Supplies

Many of these are scientific items for labeling and packaging samples or specimens. This list also includes items used for the maintenance of our Marine Mammal Stranding Program vehicles.

Refuge 2021 Needs
*Our most popular list*

This list combines all the needs that are not specific to another department. It includes a wide arrange of items for the daily operation of our Medical Facility, from janitorial to animal enrichment and includes our veterinary and nursery needs as well.

Not knowing what to get off the list?


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